Abandoned domain redirects to my IP and how to stop it in Apache

I checked the server logs of this blog this morning to see how many are accessing this website. Another abandoned domain.

After scanning the list of all the requests in the access.log, I noticed something. One of the resources accessed was to parisi-insurance.com. Another domain, then, is pointing to my blog!

I noticed this in the past when searching for terms from my blog posts in Google to see how they ranked. Then, I saw, what I thought were a number of websites stealing my content. It would be puzzling as to why anyone would want to do that as this blog is in its infancy.

Later I found that, long since deceased websites whose DNS record still live on, used this same IP. This meant that now, going to the abandoned domain http://parisi-insurance.com would show this blog.

Resolving to fix this, the solution is pretty simple. Placing a default block at the VirtualHosts to redirect to google.com:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    Redirect 301 / http://google.com/

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