How to batch print PDFs with PowerShell and Adobe Reader

Posted by on January 3, 2022

Abandoned domain redirects to my IP and how to stop it in Apache

I checked the server logs of this blog this morning to see how many are accessing this website. Another abandoned domain. After scanning the list of all the requests in the access.log, I noticed something. One of the resources accessed was to Another domain, then, is pointing to my blog! I noticed this in […]

Posted by on July 7, 2020

Generate CSV from SQL*Plus

Just a short post. How to quickly output to CSV when using SQL*Plus with Oracle. Save the following to a file export_to_csv.sql: Afterwards, log in to SQL*Plus and run using the command:

Convert Directory of PPTX into PDF in PowerShell

This post is here for personal reference and was adapted from this link.The following script allows you to convert a directory of Powerpoint slides into a set of PDFs. I found this particularly useful when I was revising some materials at work that I needed to access from my Android phone. Instructions Open PowerShell Navigate […]

Insuretech adoption success

I read a great article on the Daily Fintech by Stephen Goldsteintalking about the relationship between Insuretech and Insurancecompanies and the impediments to a culture of innovation. In essence,Insurance can gain competitive advantage by providing a service thatis more and more tailored to customer experience.The real impediment to furthering innovation in the industry is astrong aversion […]

Posted by on March 30, 2018

Book Review: Risk and Reward by Stephen Catlin

2016 was one of my most productive years for reading books, While working at Admiral Insurance, I commuted to Cardiff in south Wales from my small home town on train, taking around 80 minutes each way. A large portion of my commute was taken up in riding the tired pacer trains operated by Arriva Trains […]

Backing up to USB with a batch Script in Microsoft Windows

I have recently reentered the world of work and have been issued with a brand new computer that has Windows 10 on it. In years passed, I developed an aversion to using Windows and was frustrated at each institution that pressed a computer into my hands with this proprietary operating system on me. But with […]

Unsubscribe from all your YouTube channels with one weird trick

Here’s a short one for you. I have wanted to clear my list of subscribed channels in YouTube for a long time. Unfortunately, it seems that in recent years, there’s no automated way of doing this. If, like me you are subscribed to a lot of channels on YouTube, this means that you need to […]

Calculate average ranking in R

Here is short post to describe how to calculate the average rank from a set of multiple ranks listed in different data.frames in R. This is a fairly straightforward procedure, however, it took me more time than I anticipated to make this work. To begin with, let's create a set of data.frames with and randomly […]

Posted by on July 18, 2017