Convert Directory of PPTX into PDF in PowerShell

This post is here for personal reference and was adapted from this link.The following script allows you to convert a directory of Powerpoint slides into a set of PDFs. I found this particularly useful when I was revising some materials at work that I needed to access from my Android phone. Instructions Open PowerShell Navigate […]

Convert Directory of PPTX into PDF in PowerShell

Insuretech adoption success

I read a great article on the Daily Fintech by Stephen Goldsteintalking about the relationship between Insuretech and Insurancecompanies and the impediments to a culture of innovation. In essence,Insurance can gain competitive advantage by providing a service thatis more and more tailored to customer experience.The real impediment to furthering innovation in the industry is astrong aversion […]

Backing up to USB with a batch Script in Microsoft Windows

I have recently reentered the world of work and have been issued with a brand new computer that has Windows 10 on it. In years passed, I developed an aversion to using Windows and was frustrated at each institution that pressed a computer into my hands with this proprietary operating system on me. But with […]

Calculate average ranking in R

Here is short post to describe how to calculate the average rank from a set of multiple ranks listed in different data.frames in R. This is a fairly straightforward procedure, however, it took me more time than I anticipated to make this work. To begin with, let's create a set of data.frames with and randomly […]